My Volunteer Experience at VIBE 105

Being a Volunteer at VIBE is AWESOME!

Do you ever get that feeling where you’re just anxious to know if you got the position or not after you had your interview?

After my interview, I was nervous to find out if I am going to volunteer somewhere or if I needed to reapply again in September.

On Friday January 27th 2017,  I received an email that changed my life, because Natasha Roldan emailed me saying that

“she had to go through many applications and she invited me to join the V360 Media Training Program!

I was really excited and thrilled when I found out that I am going to be a volunteer with VIBE 105, because if it wasn’t for one of my best friends Alex Dunlop who told me about VIBE and has motivated me to apply, I would have not known about the radio station until maybe next year when we apply for our internships!

The people at VIBE 105 are the most amazing individuals that I’ve met because they always give great advice and they can help you improve with your news or music hits so you can learn where you went wrong and to do much better next time.

My inspiration at VIBE is Alex Centorame (also known as Alex Crazy Ace) because he inspires me to never give up, to follow my dreams and to just be myself as a broadcaster.

VIBE 105 is a great place for Radio & Broadcasting students, because it gives them a chance to gain the skills they need to get their internship someday, they make new friends and they create memories that they will keep forever.

My experience at VIBE so far is going great, because I’ve gained lots of new skills already that I hope to master eventually. For example: proper breathing techniques, saying things in different ways,  making sure that my scripts and recordings are the exact length before I record them, having my own opinion on topics that concern me the most, editing news hits using Adobe Audition and reporting about the events that are happening.

After my training is over, I will be contributing to VIBE 105 by writing and recording my own news or music hits. I am still unsure if I want to write about news or music but I am leaning towards writing my own music hits, because in my opinion music is more interesting than news.

If my music hits are good enough in terms of the content, then they might be played on VIBE 105’s station which would be amazing and exciting for me because I would want to hear my work being played on a radio station.

I have an advantage over the other Radio & Broadcasting students because I’m gaining my experience as a volunteer with VIBE by learning from my mistakes and I’m going to improve with anything that I do while working in the radio industry.

In the future, I hope to get my internship with VIBE and to work with them as an intern for a while until a Toronto Radio station calls me to work for their company (preferably Z103.5 Toronto, 104.5 CHUM FM, 99.9 VIRGIN RADIO, 98.1 CHFI, Q107 Toronto, Jewel 88.5 or 102.1 THE EDGE.)

To sum up my experience at VIBE, here’s a piece of advice that I will share with my fans: follow your dreams and remember that you can make them come true if you have the courage and determination to make it all happen.

What are your thoughts about your experiences as a volunteer or as an intern with VIBE 105?  Get in Contact with Rosie here! 

VIBE 105.5 Radio Station at York University
VIBE 105- Your Main Source

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