Post Grad Movie Review

Post Grad Movie Cover

Do you ever find that you’re scrolling through your TV guide and you realize that there is nothing good to watch on TV?

I came across an interesting movie called “Post Grad” starring Alexis Bledel.  I have never seen the movie before so I thought “hey let me see if this movie is any good” and it is.

The story is about Ryden Malby a girl who is in high school and she has a plan for her academic future which is to graduate in English, get a college scholarship and work as an assistant editor at Happerman and Browning the most prestigious publishing house in Los Angeles.

Ryden’s best friend is Adam Davis who has a crush on her and he hangs out with her a lot but she doesn’t know that he likes her.

On the other hand, Jessica Bard one of Ryden’s classmates ends up getting the “Assistant Editor” position and Ryden feels crushed because the interviewer wasn’t impressed with her answers.

Ryden decides to move back home in the suburbs so she can live with her family. She lives with her father Walter, her mother Carmella, her grandmother Maureen and her little brother Hunter.

Ryden applies for multiple jobs but unfortunately none of the places took her and she feels angry because she has done volunteer work that relate to her field but Adam understands what she is going through and he tries to help her get over her fear of rejection.

Walter (Ryden’s father) fixes up Ryden’s car. He asks her to stand where the hood is to see if the engine is running. By accident, the dad doesn’t realize that he has the gear shift switched from park to reverse so he accidentally runs over the neighbor’s cat.  Ryden’s family goes next door to David Santiago who is their neighbor and they give their condolences on behalf of the cat.

Ryden falls in love with David and they have a short affair.  When Adam invites Ryden to this concert that he and his band are opening up at this venue, Ryden forgets to go because she was with David.

The next day, Ryden comes to the park in an ice cream truck because she knows that Adam loves an Eskimo bar which is an ice cream sandwich. She apologizes to him and he forgives her.

Later on that day, David tells Ryden that he is moving back to Brazil because he feels that none of his family members are in Los Angeles with him. Adam decides to move to New York to study at Columbia Law School.

Meanwhile, Ryden gets a call from the interviewer at Happerman and Browning and she offers her the assistant editor position so Ryden goes for it.

At the end of the movie, Ryden decides to move to New York so she can be with Adam and they can spend the rest of their lives together in his apartment.

My favorite parts of the movie are: Ryden’s graduation, the party scene and when she falls in love with her best friend Adam.

The main lesson that I’ve learned from this movie that I want to share with my fans is:

  1. Getting a job in today’s society isn’t easy- Many people who have no experience have a difficult time trying to find a job but this doesn’t mean you give up, you keep trying until someone calls you in for an interview.


And….. there you have it! I really enjoyed watching Post Grad and I give this movie 10 out of 10 stars. I hope you guys watch the movie! Enjoy!

What are your thoughts about “Post Grad” the movie? Have you seen this movie before? Get in contact with Rosie here! 


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