My Internship at Ryerson University’s Radio Station: The Scope

I am excited to announce that starting Monday July 10th 2017, I will be interning with Abdi Hassan at Ryerson University’s radio station: The Scope!

My duties as an intern are:

  • Editing Ryecast.
  • Producing Access Files.
  • Editing Content and Conducting Interviews for Access Files.
  • Doing Social Media promotion for Access Files.
  • Blog posts as requested
  • Album or Book Reviews as requested.

I am really excited to start interning! It’s going to be an adventure for me that will be awesome, fun filling and rewarding for me in the long run! 🙂

Having an internship is important in your Radio & Broadcasting career because not only will you complete your hours before you graduate but you would also have a higher chance of getting a job at the station you interned at.

What are your thoughts about your experiences as an intern with The Scope?  Get in Contact with Rosie here! 

Ryerson University's Radio Station Logo

“Your Campus/Community Connection.”- The Scope at Ryerson


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