The 2017 Billboard Music Awards!

Billboard Music Awards 2017 Logo
The 2017 Billboard Music Awards Logo

The 2017 Billboard Music Awards were spectacular this year! Although, I am not a huge fan of them choosing to introduce the show with a 10 minute performance by Nicki Minaj, the entire show was very well done! Drake was nominated many times and he won various awards. Drake dominated the award show on Sunday night because it was mostly his night compared to the other artists, musicians and bands that were nominated in various categories.

The Billboard Music Awards were hosted by actor and music artist Ludacris and former “High School Musical” star and singer Vanessa Hudgens. The award show was held at T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Drake swept the award show by STORM taking home 13 awards including Top Artist, breaking Adele’s preceding billboard records for most prizes picked up in multiple areas by an artist in a single night.  It was one of the most imperative music award shows this year and it was a STELLAR 3 hour award show I will never forget.

There were distinct performers with EXCELLENT PERFORMANCES such as: Miley Cyrus singing her new song Malibu,  The Chainsmokers singing their new song “Young” from their latest album “Memories…….. Do Not Open”, Ed Sheeran singing his new song “Castle on The Hill from his album “Divide (Deluxe Edition)”, Imagine Dragons with their new song “Believer”,  John Legend with Florida Georgia Line singing their new song Holy, Camila Cabello singing her new song “Crying in the Club, Sam Hunt singing his song “Body like a back road,” Halsey singing her song “Now or Never” from her album Hopeless Fountain and Julia Michaels singing her song “Issues” from her album “Issues.”

Also, there were two beautiful, exhilarating and unbelievable performances from two famous music icons which were Celine Dion singing My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic Movie soundtrack and Cher singing some of her songs. There were also two admirable and exalting tributes to Biggie and Chris Cornell. Diddy made a moving speech to all the fans and he got himself involved in being a part of those two tributes to Biggie and Chris Cornell. He mentioned that several artists and rappers in the music world came together to create a new movie about music, artists/musicians and a record label that has started it all called “The Bad Boy Documentary.”  This new documentary is being released later on this summer.

In Drake’s first award acceptance speech, he paid a compliment to the evening’s co-host Vanessa Hudgens; the expression on Nicki Minaj’s face was priceless and it created one of the best night’s memes on Social Media across the universe.  Drake also started to be a bit nicer to Ludacris by putting aside their differences that they have been having for several years.

For Drake’s BIG VICTORY of the evening for Top Artist of the year, two crucial things happened on the stage following him being successful winning a very major and prestigious award: first, he stated that Nicki Minaj was the “love of his life.” Second, he took a big shot of Virginia Black whiskey directly from the bottle, because it’s Drake’s world, and he creates the rules.

As he quoted after he won the award,

“Life is like toilet paper. You’re either on a roll or you’re taking sh** from an a**h***”, a sentiment/ comment that was bleeped out on live TV – and was the night’s realest — and funniest — moment because it was a very unique, hilarious, sudden and real moment in one of the most important nights for music in the entire year.”

As scenes from the Titanic Movie played in the background on the screens behind her, Celine Dion sang “My Heart Will Go On” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the song’s release after the movie was released many years ago. Her elegance and vocals left the audience in amazement after her fascinating performance to a point where the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Later on in the award show, the winner of the Icon Award, Cher came out to sing her heart out through not one but two of her classic songs that most people know. Cher has proved to people that no matter how old you are, you can be on television and still be famous.

“I wanted to do what I do since I was 4 years old and I’ve been doing it for 53 years,” she said humbly as she accepted her award, insisting to everyone that she’s been so lucky to have gotten this career.”

In a wonderful performance of her new single “Malibu”, Miley teared up and got adequately emotional during the last final moments of finishing up her new song. She was called on to the stage by her dad Billy Ray Cyrus and her younger sister Noah Cyrus. Her new song is AWESOME and everyone there LOVED her performance. She has such an AMAZING voice and she’s finding her true self. Everyone was shocked and surprised after her STELLAR performance of her new song from this year. Miley’s family was there watching her perform among so many others including other bands, celebrities, musicians, artists and fans.

Later on in the evening, Drake did an EXCELLENT performance from one of the most STUNNING fountains in Las Vegas. The performance was magnificent and top notch. The special effects were impressive and in Drake’s world, during every performance, anything great can happen.

During the show, Dan Reynolds who is the lead singer of the group Imagine Dragons paid his respect to Chris Cornell who is lead singer of Sound Garden and Audio Slave who died last week at the age of 52 and he was honored elegantly during the ceremony.

Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons said this: “Soundgarden and Audioslave’s Chris Cornell was a true innovator, a musical architect and a pioneer on the cutting edge of the Seattle grunge movement,” Reynolds said. “He was a prolific songwriter, a legendary performer, a singer who had a voice for the ages and a philanthropic whose Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation helped so many children around the world.”

On Sunday May 21st, it would of been the 45th birthday of  famous rapper Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls.  His son, Christopher Jordan Wallace, along with the late rappers best friend, Diddy made a surprise appearance at the award show.

Biggie’s children said this: “I know that my father’s looking down on all of us tonight and all of this love and support that we’re giving him tonight,” the 20-year-old aspiring rapper said. “My sister and I will continue to carry on his name and his music career with tremendous pride and live our lives by his words.”

To wrap up my post about the Billboard Music Awards, Drake was neck in neck with 22 nominations for awards behind The Chainsmokers with 23 nominations for awards. When Drake won an award, he would bring up his family and friends or some might say his entire entourage along with him to the stage.  Twenty One Pilots also won five awards and were nominated for various categories.  They won awards for: Top Duo/Group, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Rock Artist, Top Rock Song and the Billboard Charts Achievement Award presented by XFinity at the conclusion of the award show.  This award is one of the most crucial and prestigious awards right after the top artist of the year award, which Drake won closer to the end of the show.

And there you have it…… for those of you who missed the award show, you can watch it online and be sure to tune in on Sunday June 18th, 2017 for The IHeartRadio MMVA Awards!

What are your thoughts about the Billboard Music Awards? Have you seen the award show before? Get in contact with Rosie here! 


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