Freedom to Drive Anywhere I want…. Once I have the next part of my Driver’s License

Sample Driver's License

Getting your drivers license can be exciting but also scary at the same time because if you aren’t a careful and cautious driver, you are going to get into lots of accidents with other drivers.

How many of you have your full license and know how to drive? Have you taken a driver’s education course and practiced before you got your license?

For those people who don’t have their license, the age requirement for each country varies but in Canada if you want to go for at least your G1 to start off with something, you have to be 16 years of age or older and you have to be a Canadian resident.

Once you have your G1, I strongly recommend that you take a beginner driver’s education course so that you have knowledge of (the rules of the road, signs, parallel parking, etc…)

After you’ve taken your beginner’s driver education course, I suggest booking some lessons with a driving instructor so you can get familiar with the car you will be practicing in.

When you have had your “In car Lessons”, then I strongly advise that you practice on your own with a family member or a friend before you go for the next part of your license.

I’ve had my G1 for 3 years now and when I first went to write the G1 test, I passed the signs but I had to rewrite the rules of the road a second time.  When I went to re write the rules of the road, I passed the second time around.  It would be so nice once I have my G2 and my G because then I have the freedom to drive around anywhere I want but I have to practice first so that I feel comfortable and confident in the car and on the road.

If you study the driver’s handbook and do the practice quizzes online, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your G1 at least.

What are your thoughts about driving? Do you have your full license? Get in Contact with Rosie here! 


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