The Harsh Reality for People with No Experience who are trying to find a job

Tim Ferriss Quote
“People are smarter than you think, give them a chance to prove themselves.” – Tim Ferriss

How many of you have never worked before? I’m sure there are lots of people who have no experience and are trying to find a job so they are on the same boat as me.

I’ve applied to several retail stores for a cashier position and how many interviews did I get out of that….. only two and I didn’t even get the job.

Getting your first job in today’s market is extremely difficult because the hiring manager wants to hire someone with experience but how are you supposed to get a job with no experience?

People with no experience have a right to work because they need to gain experience, to start making money and to make new friends.

Hiring managers should give people with no experience a chance to work because people with no experience are willing to work, they are reliable and they are motivated to learn.

But here’s the problem, the hiring manager calls the no experience person in for an interview, the interview happens and then at the conclusion of the interview, the interviewer says to the interviewee (no experience person) that they will get called if their qualifications match the position.

Meanwhile, the hiring manager calls the person with experience because they wanted someone who has worked in retail before and the person with no experience gets disregarded.

My advice to all of my fans is this: When you are applying for your first job or any job, you need to do the following things: Apply, Follow Up and if things don’t work out, do not give up.

What are your thoughts about having a job? Have you worked before? Get in Contact with Rosie here! 




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