The Transition from having a Mentor to Becoming a Mentor

Seneca SMILE Mentoring Program Logo
“Student Mentoring In Life And Education.”

In July 2016, I planned a visit to the SMILE Mentoring in Life And Education Office to sign up for a mentor for my first year at Seneca in the Radio program.

I wasn’t really nervous about finding my classes because I’ve toured the school before.

When it was my first day at the college, I was nervous about meeting the kids in my program because I graduated from high school and I had no idea who I’m going to be meeting in my program.

I had a good experience with my SMILE mentor because she made me feel welcome at the college and I always loved coming to school everyday.

Recently, I got an email from the SMILE program coordinator with an offer for me to mentor new students who are coming to the college on September 5th,2017.

I applied to be a mentor and I had my interview.  The interview went really well and the interviewer who interviewed me was impressed with my skills and qualities and she knows that I would be an asset to the program and to new students at the College.

My Mentor responsibilities are:

  • Completing my mentor leadership training prior to being matched with new students which I will do this summer along side my internship.
  • Committing to assisting four proteges, requiring an average of two hours per week.
  • Submitting online monthly reports for each protege.
  • Being available to mentor for at least one full semester.
  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and remain free of academic policy violations.

I’m really excited and looking forward to becoming a mentor because I want new students to feel welcome when they come to College on the first day and I want to make sure that their transition from high school to college goes smoothly. Not only that, I will also get a “certificate of achievement” signed by the dean and professors of my program so how cool is that?

Did you have a mentor before in the SMILE Program? What was your experience like with them? Are you a mentor now? Get in Contact with Rosie here!





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