One of my Best Friends and Inspirations Alex!

My Best Friend and Inspiration Alex!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have listened to her audio work on Sound Cloud and I’m sure you have visited her website! Introducing one of my bestfriends and inspirations Alex Dunlop!

This girl right here is one of my best friends and she inspires me to follow my dreams as a broadcaster and to never give up.

I love visiting Alex’s website to see and read her blog posts! In my opinion, they are truly inspiring to me because she is very creative with her posts that will make you feel inspired to write your own blog posts!

I’ve also listened to her audio work on Sound Cloud and I have to say that her commercials, music hits, news hits, promos and psas are truly original.

For those of you who haven’t seen Alex’s work yet, you can visit and follow her wordpress blog if you want and you can also follow her sound cloud account to listen to her audio work that she has done so far. I promise that once you follow her, you won’t regret the things she posts because they are awesome!!!!

Alex’s WordPress Blog:

Alex’s SoundCloud Account:

Do you have a bestfriend? If so what’s your relationship like with them? Get in Contact with Rosie here!






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