The 2017 MMVA’S!!!!!

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The 2017 IHeartRADIO MMVA’S!!!!!!!!!!

The 2017 IHeart Radio Much Music Video Awards were absolutely PHENOMENAL! The opening performance from Camila Cabello singing her new hit single Crying in the club was AMAZING! She’s talented!

Following Camila’s performance, DNCE perfomed their SMASHING new hit single Kissing Strangers. Their performance was SPECTACULAR! This is my new SONG OF THE SUMMER!

All the performers and hosts were mentioned at the beginning of the show right after the two opening performances.

The two hosts were introduced following the list of performers and hosts.

Joe Jonas and Alessia Cara were the hosts of the 2017 IHeartRADIO MMVA’S this year.

In the beginning of the show, Joe Jonas inspired the audience and Alessia Cara with his knowledge about Canada which I thought was pretty cool to listen in to because Canada is an AWESOME COUNTRY TO LIVE IN!

To kick the show off in HIGH GEAR, Lorde and Imagine Dragons both won the award for INTERNATIONAL VIDEOS OF THE YEAR!!!!!

Following the first set of awards that have been given away, Julia Michaels performed her new hit single Issues. It was a FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!

On the Pink Carpet earlier, Josh Ramsay who is the lead singer of Mariana’s Trench came out of a cake and they also brought balloons to celebrate their 10th year on the MMVA’S Award show. What inspired them to do their pink carpet entrance was amazing, awesome, hilarious and unique which was dedicated to Canada’s 150th Birthday which we’ll be celebrating next month so that is pretty EXCITING!!!!

It was an IMPRESSIVE ENTRANCE!!!! I am SO STOKED for next year’s MMVA’S RED CARPET!!!!

Camila Cabello won an award for New International Artist Of The Year.  Once that award was given away, The Arkells took the stage by STORM and performed their new hit single called Knocking at the Door. I have to admit that when I first heard this song, I didn’t really like it but that was because I didn’t watch the whole award show. Now that I’ve watched the show, I really like that song and it’s also another song on my summer playlist! It was an ASTOUNDING PERFORMANCE that took my breath away!

Later on in the night, Iggy Azalea also did an EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE singing her new hit single Switch.

Following Iggy Azalea’s performance, Ed Sheeran won Most Buzzworthy International Artist Of The Year.  He wasn’t able to make the award show because he is on his Divide Tour in South America but he sent out a video message accepting his award and apologizing for not being at the award show last night.

Niall Horan won the award for Favourite International Artist. Everyone was pysched and excited about that award!

Following that award being given out, Post Malone did an INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE, singing his new song White Iverson.

Following his performance, Dove Cameron revealed some secrets about her new music career and her new projects and albums that will be coming out later on this summer! Be sure to check it out! I’m sure everyone is going to love it! It will be awesome! Can’t wait for that to come out soon!

Imagine Dragons performed their 2 new hit singles Believer & Thunder from their latest album Evolve. Their performance was absolutely INCREDIBLE and it took my breath away…. I was SPEECHLESS! I always love when they perform and their performance was STELLAR just like all of their other performances! Their performance ROCKED the entire city of Toronto! I LOVE their new album!

Everyone should check out their new album.  I would even recommend buying their new album because it’s just that awesome! I guarantee that everyone will LOVE IT as much as I do! Their new album ROCKS! It’s so AWESOME! Go and check it out today! Buy it today!

During the STELLAR PERFORMANCE by Imagine Dragons,  the lead singer was spreading a positive message of never giving up on your dreams and never giving up on anything in general. It was a very unique and extra special performance because the message that was being emphasized by the lead singer was so inspiring as well.

Following their performance, The Arkells won the award for Fan Favourite Video with their new song Knocking At The Door.

Once that award was given away later on that night, Jazz Cartier also gave an AWESOME PERFORMANCE performing his 2 new hit songs Tempted and Red Alert.

We saw so many great actors, actresses announcers, artists, bands, celebrities and musicians throughout the night at the award show.

All of them were listed and introduced in alphabetical order at the very beginning of the show.

A lot of the inspirations and dedications for the new projects, shows and albums were dedicated to Fathers Day and to Canada’s 150th  Birthday as well!

Earlier on in the show, Serena Ryder explained her perfect Utopia or paradise to the entire MMVA’S audience. This is what she said:

“The world is far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t continually strive for perfection and harmony in whatever we do. Everyone has their own idea of what utopia is to them, but we think that Serena Ryder’s version speaks on a utopia that we can all agree upon. For Ryder, a Utopian world is one where no one is judged on gender, race, or religion.” – Serena Ryder

Tyrone Edwards also shared his Philosophy/Life Motto that he calls Leading with Love!

“Make decisions with love versus fear, When we fear change, diversity and love we risk reinforcing a world driven by inequality. We are all leaders in our own way and it is up to us to be that change and that difference that we wish to see in the world!” – Tyrone Edwards

Tyler Oakley also told us a touching and original definition of what Pride means to him.

According to Oakley, “pride is about celebrating our past and fighting for our future. No matter what you look like and no matter who you love, you are perfect just the way you are.” – Tyler Oakley


Martha Hunt spoke up about Music, she told us that:

“Music is the best way to bring people together…Music reminds us that it’s all about one love.” – Martha Hunt

Before presenting the award for the IHeartRadio International Artist Of The Year, Brandon Flynn didn’t hold back when it came to voicing his opinion on what togetherness means to him.

“He encouraged the entire audience and young people everywhere to use their voice to make an impact or to make a difference in the world. Whether it be on social media or while you’re out and about on your daily schedules, it’s important to remember that you and your friends have the power to make a difference in the world. We’re stronger together than we are apart!” – Brandon Flynn

After Jazz Cartier performed, Hedley came out on stage and did a Funny Photo/Meme with the entire MMVA’s Audience and they called it “The Floor Is Fidget Spinners.” LOL!!!!! It was awesome and hilarious all at once!

During their acceptance speech for receiving their prestigious award for Video Of The Year, A Tribe Called Red urges all of the minorities in the world to keep pushing and fighting against all of their struggles and believing in their wildest dreams.

Following that award, Niall Horan performed his two new hit singles called This Town and Slow Hands. The entire crowd went absolutely CRAAAZYYY!!!!! Everyone was super excited and psyched to see him perform at the award show. The entire crowd went absolutely WILD!!!!!!! Everyone loved his performance, including myself. His mashup performance was absolutely amazing and awesome!

Later on in the night, Drake won two awards: one for Most Buzzworthy Canadian Artist and the other for Canadian Single Of The Year which was for his new hit single One Dance from his latest album Views. Drake couldn’t be at the award show this year so the announcers accepted his award on his behalf.

Shawn Mendes won an award for best pop video of the year with his new hit single Mercy.

Party Next Door won an award for Best New Canadian Artist Of The Year.

Venus Fly won an award for Best Dance Video Of The Year.

A Tribe Called Red won an award for Best Director and Video Of The Year.

Seeing Double also won an award for Best Post Production Video Of The Year.

Finally, Justin Bieber won an award for Fan Fave Artist Of The Year.

At the beginning of the award show,  The Tragically Hip won an award for Best Rock/Alternative Video as well.

At the end of the night to close the award show,  Lorde performed her 2 new ASTONISHING singles Greenlight and Perfect Places. The mashup performance was amazing and awesome! It was incredibly inspiring and powerful! I absolutely LOVED her performance and so did the entire MMVA’S audience as well.

So many artists, musicians, bands and announcers were all spreading a positive message of music being about one love throughout the award show. Everyone LOVES MUSIC! Everyone in the world is constantly inspired by Artists and Music Music brings people together which is such an important thing in life. Music is international and it brings everyone together. We connect and relate to each other through music.

Music is such an important, amazing, inspiring and special thing to have in life and in the world.

These key messages were being pushed and emphasized by everyone during the award show.

The message that stood out to me the most was about Music being one love and I thought that was an excellent message to be pushing, especially with everything that has happened this year. That message speaks louder than words can describe and it will inspire everyone.

Music and that incredibly important message will bring everyone together and it will relate to people in so many ways. Music is one love, one heart, one mind and one voice. Music is life. Music is something truly special in the world. Music brings us all together and we are ao much stronger as ONE!

This message was incredibly important and inspiring. This year’s award show was amazing, different, inspiring and unique.

For those of you who haven’t seen the award show live or on TV yet, you should definitely check it out on TV or online. You don’t want to miss it! I LOVED this year’s award show! It was a SPECTACULAR award show this year! I think everyone will remember this year’s award show because there were so many EXCELLENT performances and AWESOME moments that happened throughout the night.

This year’s IHeartRADIO MMVA’S were truly incredible and amazing and awesome!!!!!!!!

Check out this year’s 2017 IHeartRadio Award Show Online or on Tv Today!

For more details about the 2017 IHeartRadio MMVA’S, go to their official website:

What are your thoughts about the IHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards? Have you seen the award show before? Get in Contact with Rosie here! 


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