The A Game is Over

Allison DiLaurentis Quote
“You think you know people…. and then they surprise you.” – Allison Di Laurentis

As the final season of Pretty Little Liars draws to a close with the final episode revealing who A is tonight. It’s going to be sad and heartbreaking for all of the Pretty Little Liars fans including myself who have watched the show from Season 1 up until now.

THE WAIT IS OVER! A.D. has been revealed! Guess who it was tormenting the liars this entire time?….. It was Spencer’s evil twin sister Alex Drake who is the leader of the A team.

Alongside Alex the leader, there were also a few other people involved in tormenting the liars; they are: Melissa Hastings (Spencer’s older sister), Mona Vanderwaal (Hanna’s friend), Archer Dunhil (Allison’s fiancee), Jenna  Cavanaugh (Toby’s sister) and Sydney.

What are your thoughts about Pretty Little Liars? What are your thoughts of A.D.? Did you know that Spencer had a twin sister? Have you seen the TV show before? Get in Contact with Rosie here!


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