Wearing A Backbrace changed my life and my back for the better

Sick Kids Hospital
“The Hospital For Sick Children”

For those of you who don’t know, I had a back brace when I was in elementary school because I have what’s called Scoliosis and it is the curvature of the spine.

I wore my brace from Grade 3 to Grade 7 for 22 hours of the day and I only got a 5 minute break from wearing it.

All those hot summers, you’re probably thinking

“boy how could she handle it in the high heat?”

Well, I managed to follow the doctors orders by wearing the brace for 22 hours of the day no matter what season it was and my back is 10 degrees straighter. (Thank goodness for that!)

I will always make sure to sit straight and to pick up things bending with my knees so I don’t hurt my back.

If it wasn’t for my family doctor and the doctors at SickKids for taking all the X-Rays and checking in with how my back is doing from visit to visit, I would of had to go through surgery right now which is what I wouldn’t want to do.

Thank you to the doctors at SickKids Hospital for making my back 10 degrees straighter!

To my fans, if you have scoliosis and you want to do something to make the curvature of your spine straighter (depending on your case), I suggest you wear your backbrace because it will help to make your back straighter.

If you don’t wear your backbrace, the other choice is surgery and I’m betting most of you don’t want steel rods in your back.

Do you have Scoliosis? Do you wear a back brace? Get in Contact with Rosie here! 





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