How to make your Acne disappear permanently


Struggling with your breakouts? Are you getting frustrated and feeling like you can’t do it anymore? Fear no more! In this post, I will give you different options of how YOU can make your acne disappear permanently.

Option #1: (This is the easiest solution to start off with) Laying off the oily and sweet foods because all the oil and chocolate contribute to more acne which you need to avoid in order to make your acne clear permanently.

Option #2: (Don’t ever do this otherwise you will cause more germs on your face.) Never ever pick at your face because by doing that, you are creating holes in your face. If you can avoid this, it will make your acne better.

Option #3: Choosing to visit a dermatologist and receiving prescription cream. By doing this, the dermatologist will use dry ice on your face and then he or she will use a needle to take out the puss from your pimples. (At first, it will hurt but the more times you go, the better your skin will be, trust me. 😉 )

Rosienators, my advice I want to give you is to take care of your skin so that each and every one of you can look beautiful in your own way.

Do you have acne? If so, how do you take care of your skin? Get in Contact with Rosie Here! 


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