I have an attitude problem but I’m trying to find ways of how I can stop my bad attitude from letting it get to the best of me

Bad Attitude Quote

Have you ever talked back to someone who cares about you? Do you feel frustrated because of the things you said and regret later?

Here are six goals I came up with to stop your bad attitude from letting it get to you:

1. Don't talk back to the people who love and care about you- they are only trying to help you, not hurt you.

2. Agree with what needs to be done and don't react back-by doing this, you will be at peace with everyone and the task can get done without a problem arising.

3. Give the other person space and let them cool off before you talk to them to sort through what's happened- by doing this, once you both feel better, you can talk to the other person about what you said or did that was wrong and you can try to come to a resolution to make both you and the other person on good terms again.

4. Apologize to the other person for what you said or did (even though they have already heard sorry many times)-Apologizing for what you said or did wrong to the other person makes you mature and a better person by learning from what has happened and to hopefully never do it again.

5. Forgive, Learn and Forget- If the other person doesn't accept your apology, you can make it up to them by doing something that shows that you're really sorry for your bad attitude that you've been having and maybe they can forgive you then. Also, learn from what's happened and move on because if you keep dwelling about past mistakes, it will only make you feel worse not better.

6. Keep your attitude in check- When you are with people who care about you, don't unleash your attitude in front of them because they want to help you and see you grow as a mature, responsible individual.

I want to stop behaving like this around people who care about me and I want to start being a mature individual by following these six goals above.

The best piece of advice that I can give to my fans is this if you have a bad attitude and you don't know what to do about it, try to stop and analyze the situation before you make things worse because there are ways of making things better without a problem getting in the way between you and the other person.

Do you have an attitude problem? How do you control your attitude around people who care about you? Get in contact with Rosie Here!


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