Different Learning Smarts and Styles

Learning Styles

We all have our own way of learning and processing information. What’s your learning style? Find out below from three of the different learning styles.

Auditory Learner

You learn by listening to what the professor has to say and you can process the information by ear.

Kinesthetic Learner

You learn by doing what’s being told by the professor and you can experience for yourself what the professor wants you to do.


Visual Learner

You learn through pictures what your professor has told you except you understand it better through pictures. (This is me! I’m a visual learner) 🙂 ❤


What learning style do you have? Find out below from five different types of learning styles!

Book Smart

You learn things through books.

Food Smart

You learn how to cook through recipes and tips.

Music Smart

You learn things through Music.

People Smart

You learn things through meeting other people.

Street Smart

You learn things from being on the streets.


Everyone is smart. Even if you think that “you’re not smart”, someone else out there would think you are smart because everyone is smart in their own way. People are smart in many areas of their life.

To sum up this post, no matter what learning smart or style you have, embrace who you are and how you learn because we all learn in different ways.

How do you learn and process information? What’s your learning smart or style? Get in Contact with Rosie here! 


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