Society needs to change their perspective on people with disabilities

Have you ever felt like people are giving you “dirty looks” just because you are helping someone who has a disability?

Do you ever wish people could mind their own business so that you can continue to help this person who has a disability without having to be looked at as “weird” for helping someone else out?

People with disabilities need to feel included in our society.  They need friends who will help them grow and support them in their journey regardless of what disability they have.  When I see someone who is feeling left out and has a disability, I try my very best to make this person feel included and welcomed into my friend group because they should be treated the same respect that a regular person would be treated.

However in today’s society, regular human beings unfortunately don’t care about people with disabilities because they know that they can’t socialize with other human beings and I find that very hurtful and offensive because people with disabilities have a right to live and to hangout with regular people who don’t have a disability.

My biggest wish is that I want society to change by including these people with disabilities into their friend groups, for the hiring managers to give these people jobs so at least they have something to work for and aren’t unexperienced and for the people with disabilities to be able to live a happy and long living life.

People with disabilities should have the same amount of rights and freedoms that a regular person would have because these people also need to live their lives as well.

Let’s stop making these people feel excluded and instead make them feel welcomed and included into our friend groups!

The biggest piece of advice I can give to my fans is: If you see someone who is helping someone else with a disability, don’t give them “dirty looks” or call them “weird” because you need to appreciate how much the person who doesn’t have a disability can help out someone who has a disability.

Have you helped someone who has a disability before? Have people given you “dirty looks” and called you “weird” because of you helping the other person out? Do you think society should change? Get in Contact with Rosie here! 

Disability Quote
“Never ignore somebody with a disability, you don’t realize how much they can inspire you!!!” – Share Inspire Quotes




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